KenBay RotoPacLet’s talk about investments for a minute. There are many different kinds of them (real estate, stocks, etc.) but the basic idea for investing remains universal: to make a good return. This can mean reaping more money than you originally put in. Or it can mean acquiring benefits that are worth the time or money you’ve put into . . . whatever it is. But there is always a risk that comes with investing: the possibility of making not making a good return. Making less money, or receiving lackluster benefits or rewards. Nobody wants that, so most people are cautious about what they invest in, and how much.

For your plant, you may be cautious about investing in something like a commercial garbage compactor. Why put in all the money into a big clunky machine for something as trivial as your waste? But a good garbage compactor is actually a very solid investment for a lot of reasons. And you can take our word for it: KenBay is dedicated to helping companies become more responsible about waste management. We’ve also been working in the compactor business for years, so we know a thing or two! So, why should you invest in a commercial garbage compactor?

They’re Smaller Than You Expect

If you hear the word “compactor” you probably picture a giant bulky machine that takes up the space of an entire wall. Like when you see pictures of old computers and stand in awe at how large they are compared to your little tablet now. Well, a commercial garbage compactor can actually be small and portable — like our own RotoPacs. The portability is great because you can place them wherever you want without any hassle. It’s best to include them right at the source of the waste, so you can dump it in and forget about it, right then and there.

Small, but Mighty!

Now, just because the compactor is small doesn’t mean that is can’t pack a punch! In fact our RotoPacs are durable and heavy duty, capable of crushing any of the waste you throw at it. It’s even strong enough to crush hard plastic ingredient sacks!

It’s Safe, and Efficient

A small compactor with a continuously rotating arm is easy to manage. Simply throw the waste in and trust that it is compacted. It’s always running, so you can focus on other things. Also, the small compactors are very safe, and it’s easy to swap bags when you need to.

They Save You Money

Of course cost savings are an important factor as well. Remember, these are an investment with quite a great return! A commercial garbage compactor will save you money on handling and transport of your waste. Compacted waste is easier to transport because it is stackable, and you can fit more of it onto the truck. You’ll save money on waste management because you won’t be making as many trips. Also, some companies give you the option to rent a compactor at a cheaper price, helping you out if your budget can’t accommodate a full purchase.

If you are interested in trying out a KenBay RotoPac for yourself, then check out our line of models to choose from. You can request to try it before you buy it. Best of all, KenBay makes it easy to switch from “try” to “keep”: just pay the difference to keep the one we already sent you. So make a great investment today, and visit the KenBay website to see about getting your own small compactor!