We are a producer of innovative equipment for the purpose of maximizing safety and sustainability and minimizing the financial and global impact of solid industrial waste removal.
  • Requires no supervision or skilled operator; simply input trash and press “Run” button.
  • Numerous safety features incorporated into its design
    – NEMA 4X control box complies with Class II Division II standard.
    – Isolator switch for complete shut-down.
    – E-Stop switch conveniently located for easy reach and complete shut down.
    – Main Door /Loading Door lockout stops the unit while door is open.
    – Motor overload protection with automatic shutdown prevents burnout.
    – Slab-sided unit prevents climbing.
  • 16 years of quality and durability, low maintenance cost.
  • US made components.
  • Use quality fabricating processes.
  • Helps you meet corporate goals and objectives for sustainable operation.
  • Guarantee: If you’re not satisfied with your new standard RotoPac™ waste compactor, you may return it to us within 15 days of the original shipping date for a full refund minus damages if any.
Cost Efficient
  • Reduces your carbon footprint with fewer collections and less landfill space required.
  • Saves space on your facility floor
    (footprint of 4’ x 5’) or place outside.
  • Reduces forklift traffic and displaces labor costs.
  • No hidden installation costs – just place the machine, connect to 240V, 460V or 600V 3-phase electrical source and you’re ready to smash your trash.


Work Efficient
  • Compact waste at a rate of 300 lbs/hour.
  • High compaction rate = 6:1 reduces trips to hauler’s container and hauler collections.
  • Compaction of wet and dry compactable waste gives you flexibility to take care of most waste and trash issues with a single solution.
  • Waste can be fed into the RotoPac by:
    – Conveying through the top
    – Gravity feed through a chute
    – Blowing waste into it
    – Manual feed through the loading door