About Us

Meet KenBay

Our Mission

KenBay provides innovative equipment to maximize safety and sustainability and minimize the impact of solid industrial waste removal on labor and hauling costs even in challenging environments. Our focus on reducing waste allows our customers to focus on their core business, optimizing both return on investment and profitability.

Associates of KenBay and General Metal Fabrication at a Manufacturing Site

Our Inspiration

We are do-it-yourself types who love to tinker with automobiles, home maintenance and furniture building.  So a tangible product that solves a growing problem is something we found appealing and fulfilling. We invested in KenBay for two main reasons. First, we saw the RotoPac™ as a machine that could actually solve waste disposal problems rather than just moving waste. We wanted to provide something beyond commodity-like balers and stationary compactors. Second, we wanted to make a significant, positive impact on reducing landfill waste. RotoPac was originally designed to handle waste for a small country where sufficient landfill space was not available. We are excited to provide a compactor option that is made in the USA and helps to solve landfill issues.


The Secret Ingredient

We pride ourselves on the customer experience we provide. The value we offer can only be achieved if we match the right solution for our client’s specific needs. We approach every opportunity by first understanding the problem our client is looking to solve.  We then present them with the right machine to meet their business and budget needs. If we can’t provide a great solution that provides a one year ROI, we advise the prospect of that fact because we respect their time. Customer experience doesn’t end after we place a compactor; we make it a priority to respond to client requests within the same business day. And on the rare occasion when a client is experiencing down time with their RotoPac, we shift our focus to make that client our highest priority until they are operational again.


Our History

KenBay began operations in the United Kingdom over 25 years ago as a waste disposal company. They soon realized that over 80% of dumpster space was air. Being innovative, KenBay introduced the RotoPac™ industrial trash compactor to increase the efficiency and cost effectiveness of industrial waste disposal. The RotoPac is the original industrial hydraulic rotary arm compactor holding a U.S. Patent. The RotoPac was well received in the UK and Ireland before KenBay began operations in the US in 1995. Engineering advancements in the ensuing years have improved and refined the RotoPac trash compactor.  KenBay, under new ownership since 2003, is proud to offer a number of different RotoPac™ units made in America.