A Rotary Compactor

Ideal for Compacting Trash and/or Recyclable Cardboard and Plastic

The RotoPac™ Industrial Waste Compactor was designed with a small footprint, a high capacity for waste, and high compaction to provide the flexibility of being used in multiple applications of waste compaction. Utilizing rotary arm compaction technology makes this industrial waste compactor unique in that they place significant contact pressure and torque on waste to remove the maximum amount of air from the compacted waste. Achieving compaction ratios of greater than 6 to 1, the RotoPac greatly reduces your waste disposal costs, up to 80 percent.


RotoPac’s Rotary Arm Compaction Action Makes it Ideal for Compacting

1. Large volumes of trash
2. Plastic for recycling
3. Hazardous Waste
4. Cardboard without manually breaking down boxes

Ideal locations for RotoPac placement:

  • Manufacturing and assembly plants
  • Marine environments
  • Food & Ingredients processing plants
  • Distribution centers
  • Aerospace facilities with paints shops and hazardous waste of clothing & materials
  • Pharmaceutical firms
  • On board a U.S. Navy ships
  • High security area for U.S. army State & city authorities

Materials to be compacted:

  • All general non-metallic solid waste
  • Materials to prevent theft from roll-offs
  • Recyclable materials
  • Hazardous solid waste
  • Contraband
  • QA rejected products
  • 50# sacks
  • Super sacks

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