3 Amazing Reasons Why Using a Small Compactor is Genius

a small compactor is eco friendlyLet’s face it: you know you’re a pretty smart person. You try to make informed and intelligent decisions, and you like to evaluate the options. We know when it comes to waste management, you want to make the best choice not only for the environment, but for your company as well. Is there a way to make great environmental choices without going over budget? Good news, there is! You can invest in a small compactor. Now, you may already think you’re good on compactors because you bought a large industrial one. You know what we’re talking about: one of those massive compactors that takes up an entire wall. The thing that took hundreds of people (give or take) to put in place.

Well, guess what: a small compactor may be a smarter choice. If you’re not convinced, then listen to some reasons why, courtesy of KenBay. We here at KenBay know a thing or two about great waste management. We’ve been helping our clients achieve zero waste and more efficient waste management for years with our RotoPac product. If you want to know more about KenBay and what we do, visit our website.

Small, but Powerful

Don’t be fooled by the name; there’s nothing “small” about the power of small compactors. Our RotoPacs have a continuously rotating arm that constantly crushes waste down to size. Trust us when we say that small compactors can handle anything you throw at them with ease. They can even crush hard plastic sacks into an easily disposed cube shape. Try it, you’ll be amazed!

Say Goodbye to Bulk

Remember those large compactors taking up an entire wall to themselves? Let’s make a comparison for a minute. If we were talking about computers, those large compactors would be the massive antiquated computers from the 1970s. You know what we mean: those gigantic machines that took up an entire room and were so expensive that only universities or research labs could afford them. In contrast, a small compactor is like a modern, sleek mini notebook: it can do everything you need it to . . . on the go! If given the choice, which kind of computer would you prefer?

An advantage of a small compactor is that it is way easier to move them around. This means that you can place those small compactors right at the source of your waste. This seems like a non-issue, but wait until you see the time that you save throwing your waste away. Just dump and move on, no problem!

A Small Compactor is Easy to Manage

Small compactors are generally cheaper than big compactors, but that’s not the only great thing about them. Their smaller size means they are generally easy to manage. If something goes wrong, small compactors are less likely to cause a major strain on your production schedule. Also, small compactors are easier to train your employees on. They’re not big and intimidating, and anyone can use them. Way easier to deal with!

For some of the best small compactors, look to KenBay’s RotoPacs. Our line of waste compactors have all these great benefits, and more. Because we’re a family business, we care about the quality of our product. When you invest in a KenBay RotoPac, you’re investing in a quality compactor to last for years to come. Best of all, we make it easy for you to try one out for yourself. All you need to do is sign up to Try It Before You Buy It. We’ll send you one of our RotoPacs to test out on site. If you like it, pay the difference to keep it! Show how smart you really are, and invest in a small compactor today!

3 Easy Ways to Reduce Handling When Handling Waste

handling wasteIn the future, robots and other machines will handle all of our waste Picture “The Jetsons.” Picture the Death Star trash compactor in “Star Wars.” Handling and disposing of the garbage falls entirely on someone else, and we never need to touch it again. Wouldn’t that be lovely? Unfortunately, that future is probably a long ways off. So what can we do in the present?

Well, KenBay is all about proper waste disposal, but that doesn’t mean we think handling waste all the time is good either! When you’re trying to get rid of your trash, it’s better to be quick, fast, and done. So, here are some ways to reduce handling when handling waste.

Do Away With Boxes

Oh boxes, so essential to our everyday life and, paradoxically, so wasteful. Boxes are a bit of a trap, waste wise, because every time you order more, you’re just adding to the waste! There are some cool ideas to reduce boxes, like this nifty little invention. But nothing has really taken off yet to do away with the hundreds of billions of boxes  created each year.

True, you can recycle the cardboard, and indeed most people do. But you still need to find a place to put the boxes. Not to mention, most of them are on the small side. If you’re using boxes to hold your temporary waste, you probably need to make a lot of trips! A better solution would be something like Super Sacks, which are larger and can hold up to 4000 lbs of waste. They can also be reused if you’re careful with them, and they are easy to recycle just like cardboard!

Place Compactor at the Source of the Waste

Of course, one of the biggest time wasters when handling waste is having to travel on your factory floor to the compactor itself. Keep in mind, you’re probably carrying an armful of junk too, inhibiting your movement and your vision. This is a workplace hazard! A better answer is to have a smaller compactor, when you can place right at the source of the waste. Finished with that cardboard or edge trim? Great! Just toss it into the compactor and keep moving, no muss or fuss.

Compact and Stack

Finally, when you are handling waste, you want to make the fewest amount of trips possible. For one thing, nobody wants to go back and forth just for garbage. For another thing, as previously mentioned, it’s a workplace hazard. So how to you get more trash to the truck, quicker? Easy! Buy a compactor that presses the garbage into a cube shape. The cubes of trash can be more easily loaded into something like a super sack or a lift.

KenBay does all of this for you! Our RotoPac compactors are small enough to be used on site. And our continuously rotating arm presses the waste together into those nice neat little cubes. We may not be living in the future, but we have the answers you need today!

If you want to try out a RotoPac for yourself, then you can make a request and we’ll send one to you! And if you decide you like it, simply pay the money to keep what we’ve sent!

Best Features to Look for in a Commercial Trash Compactor

Commercial Trash CompactorAre you looking to improve the sustainability of your business, as well as the safety of your workplace? Commercial trash compactors are the absolute best bet for achieving both of these goals for your company, as well as many more when you choose the one that is most suitable for you. With many different sizes, and specialities, there are commercial trash compactors for every purpose waiting to prove their worth in investment. Not only can you improve the sustainability of your own company, but a commercial trash compactor will help you reduce the volume of waste that you are sending to your local landfill.

Features to Look for in a Commercial Trash Compactor  

High Speed of Compaction

Improving your company’s productivity should be one of your main goals when investing in a commercial trash compactor. Making sure that the speed of compaction can keep up with your production is of the utmost importance. With rates reaching 300 pounds per hour, the KenBay commercial trash compactors are quite speedy and in no danger of holding up your production. You will no longer have to demand that your skilled employees waste so much time on things like waste management.

High Compaction Rate

While commercial trash compactors do indeed take up space in any facility, they should ultimately save you space by reducing the volume of your waste. Whether the space saving happens in your waste removal receptacle or whether it’s the piles of cardboard boxes that accumulate in a corner somewhere before anyone has a chance to break them down, they are sure to be space saving. When you greatly reduce the volume of your waste, say, at a rate of six to one like the KenBay compactors promise, you can also reduce the cost of your removal. If you are saving space inside your facility by being able to compact paper products, you will undoubtedly make room for more equipment to increase your productivity without raising your overhead costs.

Small Footprint Commercial Trash Compactor

Most people imagine commercial trash compactors to be extremely large, when in reality most of them take up no more space than the square footage of your average shipping pallet. Able to fit into any corner of your facility with very little bother, you can also place them throughout an assembly line, reducing the time spent moving waste around your facility, while greatly reducing the chance for hazards in the form of unruly trash cans. You can find commercial trash compactors for every purpose in this same manageable size, which individually take up less than twelve square feet on your floor, whether it’s in an assembly line setting, or a back stock room.

These are just a few things to consider when doing research about investing in a commercial trash compactor. If you are seriously considering making this change then talking to a waste management company is very much worthwhile. A company like KenBay will help you take stock of your waste practices, further increasing your productivity and decreasing your waste with more than just the purchase of a trash compactor. If this interests you be sure to give KenBay a call to learn more.

How to Improve Safety and Efficiency With a Small Footprint Compactor

FootprintIs your workplace feeling hectic and sometimes even unsafe with things like trash piling up unnecessarily because of inefficient workflows? It happens, but don’t let the problems drag on without making the necessary changes to not only increase everyone’s efficiency but also ensure that you are fostering a safe and desirable work setting. One of the most cost-effective ways to improve safety and efficiency while decreasing your waste is to invest in a small footprint stainless steel trash compactor. A small footprint trash compactor is the surest way to improve the environment of your facility whether you’re in manufacturing, the food and ingredient industry, or dealing with hazardous waste or explosives. There’s no better way to ensure your workplace has airtight safety and operations than optimizing your space with a small footprint compactor.

Small Footprint?

The small footprint RotoPac by KenBay only needs a space of 4 by 5 feet to fit comfortably in your work space. While it takes up very little room, it actually increases your space for waste as it compacts everything from food waste to general manufacturing waste. When you optimize your waste management with a small footprint compactor, you will also significantly reduce your waste removal costs, as your trash is reduced at a ratio of six to one, compacting up to 300 pounds per hour.

High Efficiency

Not only does a small footprint compactor reduce the volume of your waste, but it can also significantly increases your workflow efficiency. When you invest in a compactor, take the time to consider where the disposal points in your workflow are, and how they are impacting the efficiency of everyone producing and disposing of waste. Are your waste cans in places that are inconvenient or unsafe for employees? Is an otherwise easily overlooked thing like waste really inhibiting your productivity? Most people don’t even realize it until they start considering new waste management methods to reduce costs, but find that they are also increasing productivity and safety as well. 

Nothing Safer

Waste cans can often be misused, leading to fire hazards or the potential for someone to get hurt by things getting in the way. Investing in a small footprint compactor is an easy and quick fix for any safety problems being caused by your current waste management practices. You will also decrease the number of times waste needs to be removed while motivating your employees to pay more attention to their waste practices by showing them you’re committed to making their space safe and clean.  

Don’t let your waste problems go without a solution. Not only are you wasting money, but you could be putting your business at legal or physical risk by neglecting waste management issues. Among many solutions is investing in a small footprint trash compactor for your workplace. If you’re interested in other waste management ideas contact KenBay for more information on how to improve your trash practices. Safety and cost are no small factors in operating a respectable and successful business. Take action before it’s too late!