What is Intellectual Property Worth if it’s Unprotected?

Intellectual PropertyWhen you’re in manufacturing you need to protect your intellectual property to stay competitive. You can’t be giving away all your great ideas to anybody – or throwing them away either. Intellectual property is a key reason to invest in a better waste management strategy because it will ensure that your ideas, inventions and designs are protected and remain unique to your company. Don’t overlook the importance of your waste in the security of your ideas. Streamlining your waste practices and investing in equipment like steel trash compactors is an easy and affordable way to tighten up your security.

What is Intellectual Property?

Often a buzz word in the technology industry, intellectual property actually exists in every industry. Intellectual property refers to creations of the mind, which range from designs and inventions to symbols and images used in commerce. Monopoly over these intellectual creations belongs to the person or entity that owns them by law, prohibiting their use by unauthorized parties. It is illegal to steal intellectual property, but it still happens and is worth taking every measure to protect against because it can always be tricky to prove in the court of law.

How Can Waste Management Help Protect Intellectual Property?

If your waste practices are unofficial at best, and a disaster at worst, your intellectual property could be in danger. The chances of the competition finding prototypes or flawed products in your waste is too risky to take a chance on. If you’re dealing with sensitive documents, be sure to always shred them before disposing of them to ensure their information can never be deciphered. In manufacturing facilities, waste can be a problem for many reasons including safety and pollution, but also security. If your employees are disposing of flawed product loosely, the chances of someone happening upon your intellectual property are significantly increased. Don’t take that chance.

Time for Change

Trash compactors are the solid waste equivalent to the paper shredder. Not only will your waste removal costs decrease with a compactor, but your intellectual property will be much safer when it is crushed into a cube, rendering it unable to be salvaged. While security is a great reason to reconsider your waste management practices, there will also be huge financial and sustainability benefits. A trash compactor will save you from the risk of loose trash for anyone to sift through, but why not look at your entire process of handling waste to streamline it while you’re at it? Your employees will appreciate the new challenge, as well as a cleaner and safer workspace. This will make them more productive in the long run, especially if you factor workflows into your rethinking waste management practices.

There is so much that goes into to having a well thought out waste management system. It can truly affect every aspect of your business operations from security to productivity. Don’t overlook the importance of securing your intellectual property that might end up in the garbage, as well as its effect as a motivator to change the way you handle waste in general.