Are You Aware of the Latest Industrial Waste State Regulations?

Industrial waste management is a critical concern for businesses across the United States. In addition to federal regulations, every state has its own set of rules governing the disposal and management of industrial waste. These regulations are crucial to ensure the safe and environmentally responsible handling of waste generated by industrial processes. Understanding and complying with industrial waste state regulations is essential to avoid potential legal issues, maintain a safe workplace, and protect the environment.


Planning For An Industrial Trash Compactor in Your Facility

What Size Compactor Do You Need for Your Trash?

Every manufacturing facility generating industrial waste has to consider the most cost-efficient size of waste compaction equipment necessary to meet their individualized needs. The investment in the industry trash compactor necessary to minimize cost in proper trash removal is pertinent when planning for any facility, large or small.


How KenBay’s Trash Compactors Meet the Needs of Countless Industries

compacted cardboard boxes

KenBay’s commercial trash compactor models have been the leading choice for waste compaction for many years. Whether you’re looking for a commercial garbage compactor for an oil rig, a stainless steel model designed to the rigid specifications of the food industry, a compactor that can withstand hazardous materials or explosives, or one merely to handle your facility’s general waste or recycling concerns, KenBay compactors can do the job.