System Integrators

Over the past 15 years the Kenbay RotoPac has been used extensively to compact waste from various trim and pneumatic systems. Today’s smart RotoPac is even easier to use by systems integrators and OEMs with the new HMI interface. PLC provides relays that allow the RotoPac to automatically synch up with other machinery such as conveyors, blowers, trim removal systems, vacuums and associated pneumatic equipment.

The RotoPac is ideal for interfacing with other equipment because of its:

  1. small footprint (4’x5’) that allows it to be placed directly near machines that produce waste;
  2. ability to continuously compact waste (up to 300 lbs./hour) as it is produced (achieving compaction ratios of 6 to 8 times);
  3. stackable 4 ft cubes of highly compacted waste ready for transport.

The RotoPac offers features designed to minimize dust dispersing into the environment:

  1. The chamber has no horizontal 90 degrees angles where dust can collect.
  2. An optional hood contains dust as waste is input.
  3. A vacuum system was adapted to keep dust to a minimum.

New features to the smart RotoPac:

  • A remote E-Stop in case of emergency
  • A remote Enable/Pause if other equipment should need it to pause and resume operation without the operator pressing start
  • An interlock to stop other equipment if the RotoPac stops
  • A spare relay that can be configured to operate at the same time as other functions, or used if a half limit is added to trigger external devices
  • A photo eye or other trigger to start its cycle remotely and run for a set cycle

OEM & Systems Integrators can take advantage of the flexibility of the RotoPac to extend the capabilities of waste producing machines and reducing the cost of waste removal from your client’s operations.

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