Zero Landfill Initiative

We produce innovative equipment to maximize safety, sustainability and minimize global impact of industrial waste disposal.

KenBay adds enormous value to your company’s zero waste landfill initiatives. The KenBay Rotopac rotary compactor tightly compacts waste into 4’ cubed bags, enabling haulers to maximize the amount to be trucked to recycling centers, Waste To Energy (WtE) facilities or to the incinerator. These stackable bags are superior to transporting roll-offs and receiver cans containing considerable air. By placing a RotoPac at the source of the waste (on the facility floor), the unique rotary arm compactor crushes your trash 6 to 8 times prior to shipping.


  • Drastically reduces the expense of transporting waste to recycling centers and WtE facilities.
  • Small footprint (4’ x 5’) allows for strategic placement – which means less handling!
  • High compaction rate of 6:1 means you are shipping waste, not air!
  • Improved Safety Compliance when you minimize the handling of waste materials.
  • The only US supplier of rotary continuous compaction machines.
  • RotoPac Biodegradable bags available.