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Spending too Much on Industrial Waste?

See the RotoPac Industrial Trash Compactor in Action.

The RotoPac is an industrial trash compactor that combines advanced compaction with minimal footprint. If you have room on your plant floor for a pallet, you’ve got room for a RotoPac.

Types of Waste

Landfill Waste from
Various Stations
& Sources

50 lb Sacks from Packaging of
Grains & Baking Ingredients

Hazardous Waste

Waste Produced in Explosive Environments

Waste from Edge Trim & Label Matrix Systems


Plastic Wrap

Waste to Energy (WTE)

Destruction of Rejected Products

Non-Renewable Super Sacks

Why RotoPac?

Drastically reduces the expense of transporting waste.

Small footprint (4’ x 5’) allows for strategic placement – which means less handling!

High compaction rate of 6:1 means you are shipping waste, not air!

Improved Safety Compliance when you minimize the handling of waste materials.

The only US supplier of rotary continuous compaction machines.

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and we will provide an approximate compaction ratio and savings on industrial trash compactor waste removal.

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Who We Serve

Our industrial trash compactor models have been the leading choice for commercial compaction for many years. Our innovative commercial waste disposal equipment has been used by everyone from the U.S. Navy to Purolator to Boeing.



Food & Ingredients


Oil & Marine

Hazardous Waste

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