Piles of compacted cardboard and trash

If you run a business, there are two goals likely never far from your thoughts: safety and sustainability.

A commercial trash compactor is your best bet for ensuring both those goals – among others – provided you find the compactor that is right for your company.

You’ll improve your company’s sustainability – and reduce the amount of waste you’d otherwise be sending to landfills – while also making sure your employees are safer by limiting hazards in the workplace. Read on to learn the three features you should look for when choosing a trash compactor.

1. High compaction speed

One of your chief goals when investing in a commercial trash compactor should be boosting productivity at your facility, which is why it’s important to make sure the machine’s compaction speed can handle your production schedule.

With rates that reach 300 pounds per hour, KenBay’s commercial trash compactors are very fast and run no risk of slowing down your production. With our help, you’ll no longer have to worry that your skilled employees spend so much of their time each day dealing with waste management issues.

2. High compaction rate

Let’s be clear: adding a commercial trash compactor to your facility is going to take up some space. However, this addition will save you space in the long run by cutting down on the volume of waste.

It might be that you save space in your waste removal receptacle, or that the massive pile of cardboard boxes at one corner of your plant begins to shrink. Either way, you’ll be saving space.

When you drastically cut back on the volume of your waste – say at the rate of six to one that the KenBay compactors promise – you can also reduce how much you’re spending on waste removal.

And if you’ve saved space inside your facility by being able to compact paper products, you will no doubt open up new space for more equipment, thus increasing productivity without raising any of your overhead costs.

3. RotoPac = a small footprint

When you think of a commercial trash compactor, you might picture some mammoth machine that takes up a huge chunk of your plant. In many cases, that’s true. But the RotoPac trash compactor is unique in that it takes up no more square footage than the standard shipping pallet. Each one will take up less than 12 square feet of space on your floor, whether you’re using it on an assembly line or tucked away in a back stock room.

Able to fit into any corner of your facility without much bother, you can also position these machines at various points along your assembly line, thereby reducing the time you’d spend moving waste around your facility while also limiting hazards posed by wandering trash cans.

If you have further questions about what features you should look for when choosing a commercial trash compactor, like the RotoPac it’s time to speak with a waste management company.

The professionals at KenBay can take stock of your waste practices and needs and help you increase productivity and decrease waste in ways that go beyond investing in a new piece of equipment. Contact us to learn more about our compactors and other waste disposal options.