Waste CanWhen you begin to assess your waste management processes, the ideal scenario is always based on a zero waste goal. For most industrial and manufacturing companies that isn’t realistic. One of the first things you want to consider when analyzing your waste systems is that pesky waste can. It might not seem like a big hindrance to your company right now, but after reading these few thoughts on the typical waste can problems, we believe we will have you convinced otherwise.

Waste Can Psychology?

There have been many studies done throughout the years about the psychology behind waste. Essentially the experts are arguing that better waste management practices – like recycling and waste reduction – can be spurred on by changing people’s beliefs. This usually takes nothing more than information and new habits. Most people, even in the workplace, are uninformed about the costs of waste removal, and the many ways to reduce the amount of waste created in a facility. The physical waste can, a black hole kind of object, is also inviting people to easily dispose of just about anything. This means that waste cans often collect objects that either aren’t waste, could be recycled, or from unauthorized parties. Reconsider your waste can, and educate your employees on what exactly waste is and more importantly, what it is not.

Waste Can Placement

The placement of your waste can in your facility can make a huge difference in production. If it’s in an inconvenient place, your workflow can become significantly slower with people going out of their way to remove waste from their work spaces, giving them more opportunities to get distracted. Poor waste can placement can also lead to hazards with encumbered work spaces and even fire hazards. Don’t let you waste can be a threat to your employees and your business by thinking its placement is no big deal. Carefully consider where exactly you put it, and maybe even experiment with different places. Changing up the environment will also challenge your workers to be more creative and innovative.

Ditch the Waste Can – Get a Trash Compactor

While you would be hard-pressed to completely do away with the waste cans in your facility, you can surely reduce their number by investing in a trash compactor for your manufacturing business. Trash compactors like KenBay’s RotoPac are ideal for industrial settings, allowing companies to reduce the volume of their trash at a ratio of six to one. The RotoPac can handle all kinds of waste from food to recyclables, and even solid hazardous waste. A trash compactor will help you cut down on your waste removal costs by reducing its weight.

Don’t let something silly like a waste can get in the way of your business operating as efficiently as possible. If you’re interested in trash compactors or finding a committed consultant to help you reduce your waste, call KenBay to learn more about how we can help you, no matter what industry you’re in, or how much waste you are creating. We can help you get back on track to more sustainable practices.