Commercial Trash CompactorAre you looking to improve the sustainability of your business, as well as the safety of your workplace? Commercial trash compactors are the absolute best bet for achieving both of these goals for your company, as well as many more when you choose the one that is most suitable for you. With many different sizes, and specialities, there are commercial trash compactors for every purpose waiting to prove their worth in investment. Not only can you improve the sustainability of your own company, but a commercial trash compactor will help you reduce the volume of waste that you are sending to your local landfill.

Features to Look for in a Commercial Trash Compactor  

High Speed of Compaction

Improving your company’s productivity should be one of your main goals when investing in a commercial trash compactor. Making sure that the speed of compaction can keep up with your production is of the utmost importance. With rates reaching 300 pounds per hour, the KenBay commercial trash compactors are quite speedy and in no danger of holding up your production. You will no longer have to demand that your skilled employees waste so much time on things like waste management.

High Compaction Rate

While commercial trash compactors do indeed take up space in any facility, they should ultimately save you space by reducing the volume of your waste. Whether the space saving happens in your waste removal receptacle or whether it’s the piles of cardboard boxes that accumulate in a corner somewhere before anyone has a chance to break them down, they are sure to be space saving. When you greatly reduce the volume of your waste, say, at a rate of six to one like the KenBay compactors promise, you can also reduce the cost of your removal. If you are saving space inside your facility by being able to compact paper products, you will undoubtedly make room for more equipment to increase your productivity without raising your overhead costs.

Small Footprint Commercial Trash Compactor

Most people imagine commercial trash compactors to be extremely large, when in reality most of them take up no more space than the square footage of your average shipping pallet. Able to fit into any corner of your facility with very little bother, you can also place them throughout an assembly line, reducing the time spent moving waste around your facility, while greatly reducing the chance for hazards in the form of unruly trash cans. You can find commercial trash compactors for every purpose in this same manageable size, which individually take up less than twelve square feet on your floor, whether it’s in an assembly line setting, or a back stock room.

These are just a few things to consider when doing research about investing in a commercial trash compactor. If you are seriously considering making this change then talking to a waste management company is very much worthwhile. A company like KenBay will help you take stock of your waste practices, further increasing your productivity and decreasing your waste with more than just the purchase of a trash compactor. If this interests you be sure to give KenBay a call to learn more.