FootprintIs your workplace feeling hectic and sometimes even unsafe with things like trash piling up unnecessarily because of inefficient workflows? It happens, but don’t let the problems drag on without making the necessary changes to not only increase everyone’s efficiency but also ensure that you are fostering a safe and desirable work setting. One of the most cost-effective ways to improve safety and efficiency while decreasing your waste is to invest in a small footprint stainless steel trash compactor. A small footprint trash compactor is the surest way to improve the environment of your facility whether you’re in manufacturing, the food and ingredient industry, or dealing with hazardous waste or explosives. There’s no better way to ensure your workplace has airtight safety and operations than optimizing your space with a small footprint compactor.

Small Footprint?

The small footprint RotoPac by KenBay only needs a space of 4 by 5 feet to fit comfortably in your work space. While it takes up very little room, it actually increases your space for waste as it compacts everything from food waste to general manufacturing waste. When you optimize your waste management with a small footprint compactor, you will also significantly reduce your waste removal costs, as your trash is reduced at a ratio of six to one, compacting up to 300 pounds per hour.

High Efficiency

Not only does a small footprint compactor reduce the volume of your waste, but it can also significantly increases your workflow efficiency. When you invest in a compactor, take the time to consider where the disposal points in your workflow are, and how they are impacting the efficiency of everyone producing and disposing of waste. Are your waste cans in places that are inconvenient or unsafe for employees? Is an otherwise easily overlooked thing like waste really inhibiting your productivity? Most people don’t even realize it until they start considering new waste management methods to reduce costs, but find that they are also increasing productivity and safety as well. 

Nothing Safer

Waste cans can often be misused, leading to fire hazards or the potential for someone to get hurt by things getting in the way. Investing in a small footprint compactor is an easy and quick fix for any safety problems being caused by your current waste management practices. You will also decrease the number of times waste needs to be removed while motivating your employees to pay more attention to their waste practices by showing them you’re committed to making their space safe and clean.  

Don’t let your waste problems go without a solution. Not only are you wasting money, but you could be putting your business at legal or physical risk by neglecting waste management issues. Among many solutions is investing in a small footprint trash compactor for your workplace. If you’re interested in other waste management ideas contact KenBay for more information on how to improve your trash practices. Safety and cost are no small factors in operating a respectable and successful business. Take action before it’s too late!