Dumpster with boxes

It’s a never ending battle: your company produces waste, your workers haul it to dumpsters or recycling bins – or spend work hours cutting up cardboard boxes – and the cycle begins again, all in an effort to keep trash from taking up space.

This scenario plays out every day at businesses around the country…except for the ones who understand all of the benefits and have made the decision to invest in an industrial waste compactor.

In this blog post, we’ll look at a few reasons why an industrial trash compactor can help your company: save space; improve safety and security; save hauling, transportation and fuel costs and, generally become a greener, cleaner company.

1. You’ll have more space

One of the most obvious benefits of owning an industrial trash compactor is that you’ll gain extra space by turning bulky trash into smaller, more manageable cubes and bales. You’ll gain more storage space and make your property more aesthetically pleasing.

And don’t worry about having to train your employees to operate a complex piece of machinery. While proper training is important for both safety and efficiency, modern compactors tend to be fairly easy to operate.

2. You’ll improve safety and security

Garbage Dump TruckWhen you use an industrial trash compactor, you’ll have fewer trash collection trucks coming in and out of your property, which means less traffic and less wear and tear on your infrastructure.

Compactors are especially useful at facilities that have higher security protocols and want to cut down on the number of vehicles going in and out. And overflowing trash can become a fire hazard. With a compactor, everything is nice and neat.

Finally, using an industrial trash compactor makes things safer for your employees. They won’t have to break down waste by hand, won’t be at risk for slips and falls caused by spills. They also won’t need to make trips to the dumpster or work around extra heavy equipment traffic.

Greener Planet3. You’ll be a greener company

Compacting your trash reduces the amount of waste you’ll be sending to landfills, and the number of trucks on the road, both of which help the environment. This is not only good for our planet, it’s good for your bottom line, as customers are more likely to support businesses with green records.

4. You’ll be a cleaner company

An industrial waste compactor is a sealed container, which means it cuts off access to waste and prevents odors, meaning you won’t attract insects and rodents. You also won’t be dealing with as much wind-blown trash, which means your workers won’t have to spend as much time cleaning up litter.

5. You’ll save on hauling costs, transportation and fuel

RotoPacWhen you compact your trash into smaller pieces, what used to require several journeys to the landfill can now become a single trip. That means you can save money on the price of fuel or the cost of hiring a sanitation company to remove your trash.

Are you ready to invest in an industrial trash compactor? KenBay can help.

Our RotoPac Industrial Waste Compactor was designed with a small footprint, high waste capacity and the compaction ability you need to handle multiple applications, whether you’re working with large volumes of trash, plastics for recycling, hazardous waste or cardboard.

From manufacturing plants to distribution centers to marine environments and more, we’ve helped companies like yours save space, reduce costs and make their facilities cleaner, greener and safer. Contact us today to learn more about the RotoPac.