Dumpster with boxes

Industrial Rotary Arm Compactor Compacts Cardboard

An animal health care company, one of the world’s largest producers of medicine and vaccinations for pets and livestock, recently began using a KenBay RotoPac industrial trash compactor for compacting their packaging waste.

As shipments come into the facility, boxes are emptied before the incoming items are moved to the production area. Packaging is not permitted in the production area where animal medicines are made.

Overwhelmed with Cardboard

Prior to installing the RotoPac, the cardboard boxes were broken down and placed on a pallet. At the end of each day the pallet was moved to the recycler’s truck by forklift.

Making Cost Saving Decisions

With the RotoPac, boxes are thrown into it without needing to be broken down manually. They are immediately compacted into polyethylene bags.

Cleaning House

The compacted cardboard, on average weighing 550 lbs. per bag, is moved to the recycler’s truck. Not having to break down boxes reduced the time necessary for the cardboard to be moved to the truck, significantly reducing labor costs and improving safety in two ways.

Unanticipated Savings

Accidents are prevented by not having to use a knife for breaking down the majority of boxes and forklift traffic is reduced.

A pile of flattened cardboard boxes.

Cleaning up cardboard

Has your cardboard baler seen better days? Does your facility feel like it’s drowning in cardboard? Turn to KenBay for help.

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