Challenge: The need to reduce forklift traffic in the production area. At any time during the day client will have up to 30 forklifts in operation. Two forklifts are used exclusively to transport trash from all machines to the dumpster. Two blenders sit on each mezzanine where an operator at each blender opens 50lb sacks containing baking ingredients. Once the sacks were opened they were thrown into the chute and dropped to a dumpster sitting on the ground level. With each blender, one forklift would make twenty trips from one end of the building to the other removing bags.
Solution: Client brought in four RotoPacs and placed one at each mezzanine.
Result: Now each blender is able to compact a days worth of trash into one KenBay bag. Now instead of 20 fork lift trips to the dumpster per day, the forklift only needs to go once.