Many businesses face an increasing amount of packaging and production waste. It can be a challenge to reduce all of this to reasonable levels. An industrial compactor is a smart solution to help manage the surge of waste products. 

Different industrial compactors come with an array of features to tackle varying needs. There are many factors involved in choosing the best industrial waste compactor to meet various industry requirements. 

Here’s what you should know about choosing a compactor for your industry.

Compactors for the Manufacturing Industry

Large, stationary compacting units such as RAM compactors have been the workhorse of the manufacturing industry for decades. They take on large amounts of waste with ease. Because of their size, these stationary compactors are normally placed outside for easier waste bale removal. 

Some manufacturers opt for a vertical compactor. The vertical compactor has a much smaller footprint and can be placed right in the production area. For some manufacturers, having a smaller industrial compactor located inside their facility is the prime deciding factor in choosing a vertical compactor.

Rotary industrial compactors are increasingly recognized as the most efficient and commonly-used type of vertical compactor. Across a range of manufacturing industries, rotary compactors are used for the disposal of packaging materials directly from the production line. 

But selecting an industrial compactor may also depend on the kind of material being produced. Where large amounts of paper waste are generated, like in label-making firms, vertical compactors can synchronize with conveyors and other manufacturing equipment for a more efficient waste stream. KenBay offers a full line of vertical industrial rotary compactors for use in almost any manufacturing facility.

Compactors for the Aerospace Industry

Aerospace IndustryLike other manufacturing industries, aerospace facilities use both stationary and vertical compactors for waste disposal, especially for very large pieces of cardboard and plastic sheets. Some vertical rotary compactors are uniquely capable of compacting hazardous waste into UN-rated bags and boxes to meet government standards for the disposal of hazardous waste. 

KenBay’s compactors designed for dangerous chemicals include an explosion-proof stationary industrial compactor. These specially-designed industrial compactors are the safest choice in facilities where dust and gaseous explosives are present. 

The KenBay HazPac, with its numerous safety features, is the ideal compactor in hazardous environments such as large aerospace paint shops, chemical plants, battery manufacturers, or any facilities with large volumes of Type I, II, or III hazardous waste materials. 

Compactors for the Food and Beverage Industry

Beverage BottlesStationary, self-contained, and vertical compactors are widely used in the food and beverage industry for waste disposal. These self-contained compactors are used in restaurants and other foodservice and manufacturing locations to accommodate wet waste disposal. Additionally, many food production environments choose vertical stainless-steel rotary compactors. These models can compact directly into large polyethylene bags for easy disposal. 

Stainless steel compactors are required in many subsections of the food and beverage industry for easy wash down to meet hygienic standards and regulations. For this reason, many food and beverage companies opt for the intelligently designed KenBay SacPac, which has been engineered with food safety and cleanup in mind.

The SacPac is equipped with 304 Stainless Steel cabinet skins, galvanized structural parts, and wash-down features, including a control panel housed in a NEMA 4X box, as well as wash-down 5 HP motors, a hydraulic block, and more. 

Compactors for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical IndustryAs with the manufacturing industry, the pharmaceutical industry generates a large amount of packaging waste. Stainless-steel vertical compactors are often used in the pharmaceutical industry because they are so easy to clean. Highly regulated by government standards, pharmaceutical brands must meet strident cleanliness standards.

A hygienic environment is necessary where lifesaving medicines are developed, packaged, and shipped. Industrial vertical rotary compactors can be used to crush discontinued plastic bottles and containers which previously held outdated or unused medicines.  The KenBay Stainless Steel RotoPac is highly proficient in continually crushing and compacting these plastic bottles.

Compactors for the Oil and Marine Industry

Marine IndustryBoth stationary and vertical compactors are used extensively on off-shore petroleum exploration projects and other marine environments. Due to the restricted space in any sea vessel, the industrial compactors which work best on barges, cruise ships, and Navy vessels must be small but mighty. Vertical rotary compactors such as the KenBay RotoPac SeaPac are ideal for those in the gas industry, especially in a marine environment. 

With these models, waste is compacted into sealed polyethylene bags, which is ideal for transporting trash back to landfills on shore. The RotoPac SeaPac marine trash compactor is rated by NEMA 4X for use on seafaring vessels. The SeaPac is the best trash compactor for less-than-ideal weather conditions and provides protection against corrosion, windblown rain and salt spray, bursts of water from waves and hoses, as well as damage from ice formations.

Choosing the right industrial compactor is a big decision. KenBay has a variety of high-caliber industrial compactors from which to choose, plus the expertise to help you select the right one. To learn more, contact us today!