It can often take time to realize you have a trash problem. Chances are, you’re so busy running your manufacturing, food service, entertainment or other business to even give trash much of a thought until something starts to stink or you’re getting litter complaints from the neighbors. If you haven’t yet considered investing in a stainless steel trash compactor, it might be the time to do so. Commercial stainless steel trash compactors are amazing tools that will transform your physical space, as well as the way your employees do their work. While there is the initial investment to consider, you are sure to get a quick return on in!

  1. Increase Your Efficiency
    Stainless steel trash compactors are of the highest quality, meaning you won’t be having to buy a new one anytime soon. They are able to reduce six cubic feet of trash, into just one cubic foot, making your contribution to the landfill that much smaller. If you’ve been having a problem with rats or bugs because of your trash, you can rest assured that by having an efficient way to compact and store trash, those problems will disappear quickly. This will create a healthier work environment for you and your employees spurring them on to better work. Stainless steel trash compactors can also be strategically placed in a space to improve the overall workflow, helping everyone to get more done with less time spent on waste management.
  2. Lower Waste Costs
    With less volume, your hauling costs for waste will quickly decrease. Companies who use stainless steel trash compactors are typically saving 40 to 70 percent on their hauling costs and are able to reinvest those savings into things that will help grow their company. With an efficient way to manage waste, you are saving on the labor costs associated with whoever had to deal with it before. Employees are no longer having to leave the building as often to dispose of garbage, and there are fewer opportunities for people inside or outside the company to fill up your receptacles without your authorization.
  3. Increase Safety
    Trash can even be a safety hazard, whether it is blown about by the wind, too close to a heating element, or polluting the air you are breathing all day. A stainless steel trash compactor will not only help you keep all your trash in once place, reducing the space it consumes, but it will generally make everyone more intentional in their disposal practices. With an efficient way to manage waste that also improves the space they work in and the way they work, your employees are bound to take more ownership of how they are handling waste. This creates a safer environment for everyone, reducing fire hazards, the potential to trip over a stray piece of garbage, and having a generally more sanitary workplace.

If you are considering investing in a stainless steel trash compactor, KenBay has many different models depending on your industry and the kind of waste you produce. Whether it’s hazardous waste, food waste or just lots and lots of cardboard boxes, we are sure to have a solution for you. The benefits of stainless steel trash compactors are endless!