landfill freeIn case you did not already know, KenBay is a company that is committed to a zero landfill initiative. We promote the practice of seeking alternate solutions to landfills. We like to partner with other companies who share this viewpoint, and we want to encourage those who aren’t landfill free to consider making the switch.

We admit that changing your entire mindset about waste does seem like a rather daunting challenge. It is so much easier to send your waste off to a landfill and not have to think about it anymore. How can you get rid of all your waste otherwise? How much will it cost? These are valid concerns and we are here to say—relax! It is much easier than you think to go landfill free. Here’s how!


“Well of course I know to recycle,” you theoretically just shouted out loud from your office chair. But, after you’ve brushed off the confused glances of your coworkers (inside voice, friend), hear me out. Yes, the concept of recycling is so basic that we teach it to our kindergarteners. That doesn’t mean it’s not important. Far from it! Recycling is the base level from which you can work up from. In addition, did you know about the concept of Sham Recycling? It’s a real thing, it incurs a penalty fine, and the EPA has guidelines about it online. If you are serious about being landfill free, don’t neglect your basic recycling protocol!

Waste to Energy

“Okay,” you say smugly after having just read through the EPA guidelines linked above, “the concept of Sham Recycling proves that not everything can be recycled. Some of it needs to go to a landfill because there is no other way to handle it!” Calm down there, Litter-McGee. First of all, for being a hypothetical reader I made up to use in this article, you’re rather unreasonably aggressive in your protests. Secondly, let me introduce you to the concept of waste-to-energy. It’s a rather simple idea: first you recycle what you can. Everything else goes to a special facility where it is combusted and turned into electrical energy that can power our lives! This method can help reduce landfills volume by up to 90 %, and one ton of waste can power a house for a month! That doesn’t sound like a lot, until you consider the massive volume of what we throw away every year. If everyone practiced waste-to-energy, we could both reduce our landfill space and help lower our energy bills.


“That’s a good point,” you say, visibly calmer now. “But is that really all there is to it?” Hey, I’m glad you asked! One final great tip for going landfill free is to reuse what you can. For example, super sacks are biodegradable, environmentally friendly and can handle heavy loads. They’re perfect for transporting or carrying your materials around the plant. While they are only guaranteed for one-time, some super sacks are durable enough for multiple uses under the right conditions. Finding out what you can reuse will also help save you on shipping and transport costs when you are theoretically sending your waste off to be recycled or converted to energy.

You Can Be Landfill Free With KenBay

Like I said before, KenBay is committed to partnering with and encouraging zero waste companies. One great way we do that is through our RotoPacs. They are small and leave a small footprint at the source of the waste, meaning you just dump it and go — right there! Our compactors then continually press the waste down into small handy cubes about 7 or 8 times before it’s ready to haul. Why cubes, you may ask? Because it’s the shape that will help save you money on your shipping and hauling costs. Cubes are stackable, and easy to transport. You’re hauling your waste instead of wasting money hauling air! If you are interested in one of KenBay’s rotopacs, you can try it before you buy it. If you like the RotoPac, you can pay to keep the one we send!