Press Container Compactor for Industrial Waste Disposal Hydraulic Bin

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Every great, long-lasting improvement in technology came about because there was a need for it. We needed faster ways of transportation, so the car was invented. Drivers couldn’t see in the rain, so windshield wipers were devised. All throughout history are examples of ingenuity rising up to solve a problem. Well, one modern day problem for plant workers is how to properly get rid of waste like label matrix trim. It needs to be disposed of, and there are a many machines built just for that purpose. But trim removal systems can occasionally jam if running too quickly, and clogged machines mean wasted time and money. Plant personnel have gotten very creative when it comes to dealing with label matrix disposal. Everything from shredding to actually devising ways to use it in the machine itself. We here at KenBay have a better idea: don’t deal with it at all! Simply throw the label matrix directly into a continuous compactor at the source of the waste. Just bag it and dump it!

Why a Continuous Compactor?

You’re probably familiar with a traditional trash compactor. They’re large, they smell bad, and they are normally triggered by opening and closing the door three times. If your plant is already using one, why is a continuous compactor better?

For one thing, a continuous compactor never needs to be manually switched on. It’s right there in the name, continuous. It never shuts off on its own! A constantly rotating arm keep pressing down whatever you throw into it into neat and tidy and stackable cubes. The shape of these cubes is another great thing about continuous compactors — you’re never paying to haul around any unnecessary air when you’re getting rid of your waste. Just stack the cubes up and fill more space on the junk hauler!

Another issue is safety. We mentioned that traditional compactors are big, right? Often they’re so large that they’re immovable without additional machinery. Once you set them down, they’re not going anywhere. What does this mean for you and your employees? It means that whenever you have something like a label matrix that you need to trash, you need to leave your station and move there physically. I don’t need to tell you the risk of walking around an area with heavy active machinery! Smaller continuous compactors can be placed right at the worksite, so you can just toss the label matrix trim in when you need to and continue on with the work. In short, it helps to reduce unnecessary risk.

KenBay Helps You Manage Label Matrix Disposal

KenBay has a wide variety of inexpensive continuous compactors that are portable and easy to handle. Because they have a small footprint, it is easy to have multiple compactors at key waste disposal sites. Our line of products not only offer a safer solution to waste disposal, they are efficient as well. You won’t squander unnecessary time disposing of your waste, and you won’t pay extra money to haul air to the landfill. If you are interested in having a continuous compactor for your plant, contact us to try it before you buy it. Discover the difference the right compactor can make!