Industrial Waste Compactor RotoPac

Aerospace Supplier Facility Management

As an industry leading Aerospace Supplier founded in 1979, we have built an excellent reputation within the aerospace sector by providing top notch quality and integrity for almost 40 years. Our philosophy is to provide a superior product by controlling growth and maintaining a sole focus on aerospace. Simply put, we are the “Standard of Excellence” within the aerospace metal finishing industry. Our commitment to the customer, qualified personnel and in-house quality guidelines have made us and will continue to make us a leader within its industry.

We Selected the KenBay RotoPac

Like many other aerospace companies and NAVAIR, we selected the KenBay RotoPac Industrial Waste Compactor for our waste needs. The RotoPac compacts the hazardous waste from our paint shop and some waste produced by our chemical processes into UN rated duffle top bulk bags. We chose the standard RotoPac since we were already using UN rated bags and the RotoPac allowed us to use it without making any modifications to it. Immediately upon installation of the RotoPac, we were able to compact 3 to 4 times as much waste into each bag. We understand that KenBay also provides a slightly modified RotoPac to compact hazardous waste necessary under federal guidelines into UN rated cardboard boxes as discussed in but the bags work best for us.

Benefits Realized

We immediately experienced a great improvement at our facility with the RotoPac’s streamlined approach to waste removal and compaction:

  1. Prior to the RotoPac, our efforts at reducing the size of our waste stream were rudimentary at best. The RotoPac makes waste disposal safer, more efficient and requires less manpower.
  2. The standard UN rated compactor bags are inserted into the RotoPac without any modifications. When loaded with waste, the filled bags fit perfectly onto a standard sized US wood pallet for ease of transport. Within 3 to 4 hours upon receiving the RotoPac we installed it and began compacting our waste into our UN rated bags.
  3. The compactor’s small footprint (4’x5’) allowed it to be installed directly in our shipping/receiving area with plenty of room left over for easy forklift access. This location allows for easy removal and shipment of filled waste bags.
  4. We were able to eliminate the need to lift bags using a forklift with a specially fitted welded iron beam. It was not continuous, easy or efficient. The RotoPac’s continuous compaction avoids the unnecessary staging of waste.
  5. Previously, we were achieving only about 400 – 600 lbs. per compaction run. With the installation of the RotoPac, weights of 1200 lbs. are normally achieved. So, instead of 3 to 4 bags needing to be shipped a month, now only one bag is shipped each month although this is slightly mitigated by some reduced production due to several outside factors.

Our Facilities Manager confirms that the RotoPac makes waste disposal safer, more efficient and saves labor and hauler costs.

The RotoPac is also the solution to compacting bulk bags, 50 lb. ingredient bags, and recycling materials in food processing environments as well as synchronizing with other equipment. Take a quick look at the RotoPac in operation. Now you understand why this aerospace company selected the RotoPac.