For those who work in the pharmaceutical, biochemical, or food wholesale industries, cleanliness is paramount. This is especially true for industrial waste disposal.

When it comes to managing industrial waste, choosing a trash compactor made of easy-to-clean and bacteria-resistant stainless steel is an excellent choice for crushing and disposing of large quantities of waste materials that may have contaminants. Stainless steel trash compactors are easier to wash, have protected electrical mechanisms, and are extremely durable for both indoor and outdoor waste compaction.

The KenBay RotoPac Stainless Steel Industrial Compactor

Hygienically designed KenBay Stainless Steel RotoPac waste compactors are becoming the industry standard for companies that prioritize cleanliness durability, high functionality, and rust-resistance for industrial waste disposal.

The KenBay Stainless Steel RotoPac is also very compact, so it is easy to place indoors near the waste source. This means that employees only need to handle the waste one time before sealing it in hygienic polyethylene bags and removing it.

Food manufacturing

In one meat grinding facility that uses the Stainless Steel RotoPac, the employees place it close to the meat grinder so whoever grinds the meat can throw the cardboard box waste materials directly into the trash compactor. This eliminates the need to move carts or other hauling devices through the facility.

In addition, when employees wash the meat handling equipment at the end of the day, they can clean the RotoPac trash compactor as well. Because it has no interior 90-degree angles and its loading door hinges are located behind walls to reduce dust gathering, it is much easier to clean than other trash compactors.

Companies that require more extensive washing, can install IP69K protection equipment in their facility. The IP69K rating certifies protection against dust, high temperature, and high-pressure water, so it is beneficial for environments where the equipment needs to be sanitized.

Ocean environments

Oil rigs in the tropics are an extreme environment for any industrial equipment. The RotoPac SeaPac Stainless Steel Marine Trash Compactor is built to withstand these challenging conditions for oil rigs and other barges and ships that use less costly materials and components. Safety, ease of use, and environmental impact are design considerations in all KenBay marine waste compactor equipment and supplies.

Stainless Steel Rotopac for automation, ease of use, and efficient compaction

The latest version of the Stainless Steel RotoPac can be automated with other machinery such as blowers and conveyors. For each type of waste conveyance, the RotoPac industrial trash compactor’s open-top can accommodate waste materials into the compaction chamber, allowing for continuous compaction at the rate of 300 lbs per hour. And to avoid odors, the waste materials can be sealed into large polyethylene bags.

The KenBay RotoPac is easily installed by plugging it into a 3-phase source, has a small footprint, and a high compaction rate (on average 6 to 1) into a cubic meter biodegradable bag.