As zero-waste initiatives, recycling goals and overall industry-specific industrial waste concerns are being assessed in a tighter and tighter global market, companies have a lot more pressure to make the purchases for industrial waste disposal that will benefit their bottom line. One of the most pressing concerns in this area at manufacturing facilities is whether to invest in a baler or an industrial trash compactor to streamline their waste removal needs.

What’s the Difference Between a Baler and a Trash Compactor?

When looking at the differences between a baler and a trash compactor, you should always look at them with your business in mind and decide which will be more advantageous for your industrial waste disposal needs.  

Although both reduce the volume of the materials through a compressing process, each has specific ways of attaining the desired outcome. Both compact waste and recyclables as their main function, but both have unique characteristics that you may prefer over others. 

 – but balers tend to have fewer safety features, have smaller footprints and require training while industrial waste compactors such as rotary arm compactors tend to be simpler to use, have more safety features, and require little to no training or supervision.


industry wasteThe simplicity of a baler is that it can compact materials in a single pressing. They come in various sizes for multiple purposes and are an affordable solution to help you get more organized and lower your waste removal costs. 

Most people avoid investing in equipment like balers because they assume they will take up far too much room. While some balers can take up an entire bay on your facilities’ loading docks, there are many smaller models that you will easily be able to make room for the six-to-one waste size reduction it will give you.

If you’re in a retail store or manufacturing facility that deals with thousands of boxes a week, balers can be the perfect solution for you. A baler can create cardboard bales bound with straps that are ideal for transportation. These bales of cardboard can also be recycled and reused for profit.

Trash Compactors

compacted boxesA compactor is used to reduce and compress large volumes of industrial trash into contained receptacles before transportation is arranged with a waste hauling company. 

With many companies instituting zero-waste initiatives, compactors are ideal as they decrease the size of a company’s waste materials. Trash compactors, especially those with rotary arms, decrease the number of trips your trash compactor waste removal service needs to be used. This leads to fewer trips by the waste hauler and less space taken up in landfill sites. 

The RotoPac Advantage

One of the leading rotary arm industrial trash compactors in the United States is KenBay’s RotoPac. The RotoPac’s main objective is to compact waste materials so they can be removed from the facility as cost-effectively as possible. 

The result is an effective tool for your industrial waste disposal that not only delivers but also keeps a small footprint of approximately the size of a standard pallet in your workspace. That means the Rotopac can be paled at the source of the waste being produced without affecting production. 

The Choice of Manufacturing Facilities the World Over

The KenBay RotoPac Industrial Waste Compactors are vertical rotary arm compactors that give users the best characteristics of both balers and most compactors.

The following are some of the benefits you’ll see from being able to keep the RotoPac near the source of your waste because of its small footprint:

  1. Saves hours of labor by carting loose waste from the area where it is produced to outside containers.
  2. Improves facility, factory, and warehouse housekeeping and increases safety by reducing traffic on freight elevators, and factory and warehouse floors.
  3. Creates a clean hygienic environment by compacting wet and/or dry waste as it is created into polyethylene bags that are then sealed for storage and transport.
  4. Unlike conventional balers, it requires no special operators because of its simplicity in design and safety features.
  5. Compacts waste continuously, even for waste that is being blown or conveyed into it.
  6. Eliminates the need to break down boxes which saves labor and increases safety from cutters generally used for this purpose
  7. Occupies very little space and operates quietly so it can be located in areas where the waste emanates. It has a footprint of approximately 4’ by 5’, i.e., a standard pallet. 
  8. Transports easily so it can be moved within minutes with a forklift to an area where waste may be excessive for a short period.

The RotoPac advantage gives you better control over waste disposal management because plant managers are less reliant upon the waste contractor’s schedule. Contact KenBay today to determine which waste management solution is right for you and your business.