Sea Ray – Case Study


  • Challenge: Maker of luxury sea craft needed to reduce the number of workers associated with trash removal to reassign them to other tasks.
  • Solution: The RotoPac industrial waste compactor is situated at the source of the waste. At the plant they have placed two rotary arm compactors, the RotoPacs directly on the assembly line and one in the distribution center to manage the 60 tons of trash.
  • Result: Reduced disposal costs, labor hours and workplace accidents. Prior to this dumpsters had to be emptied eight to ten times a day by two forklift operators who emptied the smaller dumpsters into a larger open-top dumpster at a remote location. Now trips to the dumpster have been significantly reduced.  Also an added benefit of reducing forklift traffic within the facility is that a safety concern has been alleviated. Client indicates that the RotoPac is easy to install and does not require a full-time operator like a baler does.  They were able to reduce staff hours and pay for the RotoPacs within a year.


Purolator – Case Study

  • Challenge: Client had voluminous amount of paper products and improperly made filters.  The extra paper accumulation was so bad that it was blocking their distribution docks by constantly transporting dumpsters to be emptied.  They had 6 dumpsters throughout the plant that were being dumped 32 times per day.
  • Solution:  Now the RotoPac bags are removed 5 or 6 times per day.
  • Result: By reducing the forklift travel they reduced the maintenance on their fleet, picked up more plant floor space to use in production and calculated $52,000 annual savings in fork lift operator costs.


Hoshizaki – Case Study

  • Challenge: Their production assembly floor was being clogged by large amounts of cardboard dunnage discarded from receiving components. Removal of the waste materials required fourteen trips daily to move and empty the full collection hoppers to the rear of the facility.
  • Solution: They installed a RotoPac and placed it at the source of the waste, right on their production assembly floor.
  • Result: Not only have they reduced the amount of trips necessary to remove the cardboard to one a day, but it has also resulted in annual saving of 50% more than the cost of the RotoPac.