RotoPac for CardboardOnline shopping has exploded in the last decade. The instant gratification coming from purchasing products at home or at work has its consequences though. The ubiquitous cardboard boxes that appear on front steps throughout the country have to go somewhere when no longer needed. And with the economic downturn as of late in the value of recycled paper materials, cardboard recyclers have to get creative to improve their bottom line. Chinese buyers are getting pickier when it comes to contaminates in bales of cardboard, pressboard and general paper. The dilemma for manufacturing companies across the globe is to efficiently remove cardboard from their waste stream, economically compact it and provide recyclers with a clean product.

Whether it’s helping prepare cardboard for the recycling station or giving other great tips, KenBay is committed to providing key recycling solutions. We offer a wide range of compactors to you for cardboard and other kinds of waste. For more information, visit our website.

Let’s Witness Proper Cardboard Recycling

Saving Space in the Production Area

One of the world’s largest producers of medicine and vaccinations for pets and livestock recently started using the KenBay Industrial Trash Compactor and recycling unit for compacting their waste.  As shipments come into the facility, boxes in which they come, are emptied before the incoming items are moved to the production area. Packaging is not permitted in the production area where animal medicines are made.

Reducing Packaging Collecting Costs

Prior to installing the RotoPac the cardboard boxes were broken down and placed on a pallet. At the end of each day the pallet was moved to the recycler’s truck by forklift. With the RotoPac, most of the boxes are thrown into it without having to be broken down manually; they are compacted into polyethylene bags.

Making it Cost Effective

Now the compacted cardboard, on average weighing 550 lbs. per bag, is moved to the recycler’s truck not having to break down most boxes and reducing the times the cardboard is moved to the truck, significantly reduces labor costs and improves safety in two ways.

Reducing Accidents and Forklift Traffic

Accidents are prevented by not having to use a knife for breaking down the majority of boxes and forklift traffic is reduced.

KenBay Helps Your Cardboard Get There

One of the best ways to recycle your cardboard is through our RotoPacs. RotoPacs not only are safe, easy, and offer continuous compaction, they deliver even more! They’re portable and very easy to move around your facility. You can put them right at the source of your cardboard waste. That way, you reduce clutter and improve overall safety even further. If you would like to try out a KenBay RotoPac for yourself, you can try one before you buy one. Simply pay a small fee and we’ll send one to your location. Best of all, there’s no complicated process if you want to keep it for life. Simply pay the rest of the full price, and it’s yours!