Oil and Marine Industry Case Studies


Cashman Equipment
  • Challenge: Client required two marine environment SeaPac compactors requiring little space on two 2 new floating barges which will house 288 people each.
  • Solution: Assuming 10 lbs of trash per day for each person, the client determined that only a rotary arm compactor like the RotoPac industrial waste compactor could compact this amount into manageable 4’ cube-bags weighing 650 lbs each.
  • Result: These compacted bags are easily taped off to be stored until carted away. On a barge this size with this many inhabitants, space is at a premium.
United States Navy
  • Challenge: The US Navy contacted KenBay regarding a need to place a compactor aboard a carrier that was refitted to be used out at sea for research and development projects. The requirement was to replace the 3 dumpsters that they currently had which were taking up too much space.
  • Solution: A marine environment SeaPac was installed because of its small footprint (4’x5’), high compaction and waste in bags is convenient to store while at sea.
  • Result: The amount of waste generated by the 70-person crew will now be reduced to one 4’x4’x4’ bag of compacted material.
United States Navy
  • Challenge: Cost of disposing of hazardous waste in tri-wall boxes produced by their paint shop doing repair to aircraft.
  • Solution: A RotoPacHazPac with its 6 to 1 compaction was installed.
  • Result: The high compaction reduced the number of tri-wall boxes needed by a factor of 6 and significantly reduced hauling costs producing a savings of $29,000 per year.
  • Challenge: This state owned gas utility had a requirement for the disposal of trash from an oil platform in the tropics. They had limited space, a punishing environment, need for ease of use, and convenient way of transporting waste from the platform to shore.
  • Solution: Working with client’s engineering consulting firm, KenBay built the highest quality RotoPacSeaPac made entirely of 316 stainless steel with all valves, wires, controls, etc. sealed.