Food and Ingredient Studies


S & S Bakery
  • Challenge: An overwhelming amount of 50lb sacks needed to be compacted “smack in the middle of the production area.”  The noise generated from a traditional compactor would prove overwhelming and be a detriment to a productive, happy workforce.
  • Solution: Placed the RotoPac with a hood.
  • Result: It’s high compaction, small footprint, proved ideal for compacting 50lb sacks (commonplace in the food industry). It has the additional benefit of being quieter than a vacuum cleaner and compacts at a high rate while the hood aided in containing the dust.
Alexandra Food
  • Challenge: Disposing of the waste cardboard and plastic shipping and packing materials associated with the production of products placed an undue burden upon them.
  • Solution: Their founder resolved their company’s problems by ordering the KenBay RotoPac, the leading industrial arm compactor, on Nov. 25th.
  • Result: By the 27th, the RotoPac was up and running, compacting 5 full bags of waste on the same day. He said: “For our application this machine is just excellent. We’ve been in business for almost 20 years and I have been looking for hand’s-off compactor like this for at least 5 years.”
Williams Food
  • Challenge: 50lb sacks being opened and their contents dumped into blenders on mezzanine level while bags were placed into numerous dumpsters before being removed from the area.
  • Solution: Placed the RotoPac rotary arm compactor on the ground level and attached an additional push button station (On -Off-Run button) up to the mezzanine. Operators can open the sacks and then place them into a chute that drops into the commercial trash compactor RotoPac™. Trash can still be put into the RotoPac on the ground level.
  • Result: High compaction ratios produced with the RotoPac industrial trash compactor greatly reduced the number of dumpsters and their movement on the floor. This improved safety, reduced labor and provided a cleaner operation.
  • Challenge: Very bulky trash filling up dumpsters. British cereal maker brings in grain in large Super sacks (polypropylene bags).  The bags are only used once and then thrown away.
  • Solution: KenBay placed a RotoPac compactor.
  • Result: The client can compact 100 Super sacks into the standard 4’x4’x4’ 3ml plastic bag.  Getting 100 bags compacted in a solitary KenBay compactor bag provides the client more space in their facility.
  • Challenge:  The need to reduce forklift traffic in the production area. At any time during the day client will have up to 30 forklifts in operation. Two forklifts are used exclusively to transport trash from all machines to the dumpster.  Two blenders sit on each mezzanine where an operator at each blender opens 50lb sacks containing baking ingredients.  Once the sacks were opened they were thrown into the chute and dropped to a dumpster sitting on the ground level. With each blender, one forklift would make twenty trips from one end of the building to the other removing bags.
  • Solution: Client brought in four RotoPacs and placed one at each mezzanine.
  • Result: Now each blender is able to compact a days worth of trash into one KenBay bag. Now instead of 20 fork lift trips to the dumpster per day, the forklift only needs to go once.
Rich Products
  • Challenge: Wet and Dry waste in production lines. Client found their facility was being overrun with waste from their dough and bakery production lines.
  • Solutions: A RotoPac garbage compaction equipment is ideal for compacting wet and dry waste all into a KenBay polyethylene bag that is then sealed in a sanitary application.  Odor can be greatly diminished with the use of built-in deodorizer.
  • Challenge: Need to easily dispose of cardboard boxes in which meat is shipped and content is dumped into meat grinder.
  • Solution: A RotoPacSacPac industrial waste compactor was placed next to the meat grinder so that when a person empties content into the meat grinder he/she simply throws empty boxes into the customized waste compactor, the SacPac.
  • Result: About 700 lbs. of cardboard is compacted by the SacPac into a 1.8 cubic yard plastic bag for removal by forklift. No labor is required in getting rid of cardboard that is then recycled. NOTE: Because the SacPac rotary arm compactor fits in small spaces, operator was able to take the box off the conveyor, dump its contents into the meat grinder and dispose of the empty box without taking a step.
Advance Pierre
  • Challenge: The debris from unpacking the raw material from 6 production lines operating 2 shifts per day reduced the company’s efficiency.
  • Solution: They selected the KenBay RotoPac industrial compactors with its continuous compaction to receive and compact the debris at the source of the waste, i.e., at the start of each production line where the raw materials were unpacked.
  • Result: The waste compacted into large polyethylene filled bags weighing over 500 lbs are then removed by forklift eliminating any manual labor involvement.
Marathon Enterprises
  • Challenge/Solution: They recently replaced their nearly 20 year old KenBay RotoPac with a new one. The salt water finally disintegrated the cabinet but it was still crushing boxes for recycling. Phil Venturini, VP Distribution, said the original RotoPac required almost no maintenance with a minimum replacement of parts. “We use the RotoPac constantly for our card board recycling. We compact at the source of the waste thus eliminating any staging and moving boxes to the compactor. We obviously were pleased with the original RotoPac to buy a replacement”.
Good Food
  • Challenge: Client was having a problem with counterfeiters reusing their unused printed candy wrappers.
  • Solution: The installation of two RotoPacs commercial trash compactors in their facility.
  • Result: Ensured that the valuable wrappers would be destroyed and unusable.
  • Challenge: Destruction of cigarettes that are rejected by QA.  Client needed complete destruction of cigarettes in cartons full of packs, packs and individual loose cigarettes so people would not scour dumpster/landfills trying to find and use cigarettes.
  • Solution: The RotoPacCrushPac was installed.
  • Result: Assured complete destruction of all cigarettes. Client is thrilled with the machine.