Industrial Waste, Garbage, Trash Compactor Manufacturer

We are a producer of innovative equipment for waste compaction with the purpose of maximizing safety and sustainability and minimizing the financial and global impact of solid industrial waste removal. Each industrial compactor is designed to minimize environmental impacts associated with industrial and hazardous waste.

  • Compact waste at a rate of 300 lbs/hour
  • High compaction rate = 6:1
  • Small Footprint (4’ x 5’)
  • Significant reduction in hauling costs
  • Strategic Placement within manufacturing process
  • Improved Safety Compliance
  • Reduce labor expenses associated with collecting waste

Our well known RotoPac industrial waste compactor is ideal for large volumes of trash as well as compacting recyclable plastic. Our HazPac hazardous waste compactor has a small footprint and is designed to handle several types of hazardous material. For explosive hazardous waste from materials at locations such as dry cleaning plants or fossil fuel production facilitieswe’ve developed the BlastPac explosion proof compactor. The SacPac food waste compactor is equipped with stainless steel components and makes it an ideal solution for industrial food waste compaction. The SeaPac marine compactor is built to withstand the most challenging of aquatic environments and is designed for safety, ease of use and minimized environmental impact. We also carry a variety of custom waste compactors and balers along with biodegradable waste compactor bags.

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