The Truth You Need to Know About Balers

BalersBalers aren’t just farm tools used for hay, but they are used throughout other industries for things like paper, cardboard, plastic and even textiles. They are one of the most common backroom tools in a retail setting, and keep stock rooms free from the clutter of empty boxes, while helping clothing donation centers efficiently store and ship clothes. If you are looking for a way to better manage waste in your facility, be it boxes or otherwise, balers come in a number of sizes with various purposes and are an affordable solution to help you get more organized and lower your waste removal costs.

Balers aren’t Too Big for Your Backroom

Many people avoid investing in equipment like balers because they assume they will take up far too much room. While some balers can be as large as 12 square feet at their base, there are many smaller models that you will easily be able to make room for, especially considering the fact that they will reduce the size of your waste at a ratio of six to one. Balers aren’t space consuming, they are space creating. Don’t fall for this common misconception and be held back from an investment that will end up showing returns in what can happen in just a matter of months.

Balers for Everything

Whether you’re in a retail store with thousands of boxes that pile up each week, or a food and beverage setting with plastic recyclables or food waste that needs compacting, balers are the perfect solution. A self-contained compactor is perfect for any setting in which wet waste is unavoidable and a plastic bag is available instead of using wire for tying bales. Leakage will always be controlled, and you can even buy biodegradable bags to contribute to your zero landfill initiative should that be your goal. Even if you have waste that is large and awkwardly sized like furniture, you will be able to find balers strong enough for the job. Don’t let your waste cans overflow with unruly items piling them up far sooner than they ought. Make use of balers to do this awkward, time-consuming and often messy waste management job.

Save Money with Balers

Compacting and baling your waste is one of the easiest ways to save money on your waste management costs. More compact waste means you can have it removed from your premises less frequently, saving you money on transportation. Furthermore if you’re recycling a significant amount of plastic, metals or paper and cardboard, you can actually make money selling sorted bales back to the recycling company. This can end up being quite a lucrative stream of income for your business if you’re producing enough waste.

Investing in equipment like balers is one of the best steps to take in rethinking your waste management practices. Ideally you will take time to consider each step in your process to see how you can minimize waste and maximize efficiency, and maybe even partner with a waste management expert to see you through the process and recommend the best equipment for the task. Call KenBay to learn more about how we can help take this step in improving your business!


Unlock the Magic of Using a Crusher for Your Waste Management

CrusherWhen it comes to that point in the year when things are dialed in and it’s time to start doing some assessments that you now have time for, waste management is always a good place to start. Great things can come from rethinking your waste management practices including time and money savings. Though you don’t necessarily need to make the investment, a crusher is one of the surest ways you can have the most impact in changing your waste management by reducing its size and therefore the costs you are paying to have it hauled off.

What is a Crusher?

Also known as a trash compactor, a crusher is a mechanical device used across many industries to reduce the size of various types of waste. A crusher is made of material that is molecularly stronger than almost anything it will come in contact with. This means that the two solid surfaces of the crusher, when effected by mechanical force, can break down and reduce in size nearly anything it will compact, with few things able to dent or even scratch it. Crushers are used for everything from cardboard boxes and aluminum cans, to rocks.

Why Use a Crusher?

No matter what industry you’re in there is a crusher that will work perfectly for you without taking up any more space in your facility than a standard sized pallet. For example, the small footprint RotoPac by KenBay only needs a space of 4 by 5 feet to fit comfortably in your workspace. While it takes up very little room, it actually increases your space for waste management as it compacts everything from food waste to general manufacturing waste. When you optimize your waste management with a crusher, you will also significantly reduce your waste removal costs, as your trash is reduced at a ratio of six to one, compacting up to 300 pounds per hour. Not only does a trash compactor reduce the volume of your waste, but it can also significantly increase your workflow efficiency.

A Crusher Can Increase Safety Too

Inefficient waste practices can also result in unsafe work environments cluttered with hazards. Without assessing your waste management practices your facility is prone to waste buildup in places where either a waste can is overflowing, or where there isn’t one at all. When considering making the investment of purchasing a crusher, start by considering the flow of waste management in your workspace. When you do this you will undoubtedly notice that there are many things you can do not only to reduce the amount of waste you’re producing, but also increase productivity by making disposal more convenient for workers, thereby decreasing the number of hazards found throughout the workplace.

Don’t let waste management in your workplace go overlooked just because you aren’t ready to invest in a crusher. There are so many other measures you can take to increase workflows, safety and efficiency when it comes to finding ways to reduce waste. Whether you need to start with a simple waste audit to see where your biggest problems lie, or are ready to bite the bullet and invest in a crusher, there is always something more you can be doing to decrease the amount of waste you are sending to the landfill each year. If you want to talk to some waste management experts, call KenBay to learn more about our extensive line of trash compactors.

10 Easy Ways to Save With Cardboard Recycling

Cardboard RecyclingEvery year there are 400 million tons of paper and cardboard products created worldwide, and recycling just one ton of that material can save as many as 31 trees from being cut down. About 50% of recycled paper comes from industry and business, making room for a huge market of cardboard recycling services within the waste management field. Through the sorting, compacting, baling, shredding, washing, bleaching, pressing and re-rolling process that takes place when cardboard is recycled, it’s no surprise that recycling centers love to reward businesses with cardboard recycling trash compactors.

10 Ways to Save When You Practice Cardboard Recycling

  1. Save the Trees!
    With dwindling forests around the world, especially in those prized tropical and developing countries like the infamous Borneo, recycling and using recycled products should become a practice we all partake in.
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility
    Corporate Social Responsibility is becoming a field all its own as companies realize that part of creating a lifestyle that attracts both talent and investment is the good deeds people are longing to do. A commitment to something like cardboard recycling sets the stage for yet more good works.
  3. Relieve Overflowing Landfills
    Every ton of paper recycled saves about 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space, significantly reducing the amount of waste we send there each year.
  4. Cardboard is the Biggest
    Cardboard recycling is so important because it is the largest form of waste created by business each year, and accounts for about 30 million tons of landfill waste annually.
  5. Improve Productivity With a Trash Compactor
    A stainless steel trash compactor is an easy investment to make if you’re looking to improve your cardboard recycling practices. They will allow your employees to focus more on their tasks at hand than managing waste removal.
  6. Save on Removal
    A trash compactor will decrease the volume of waste you create at a rate of six to one, meaning each load you have hauled away will contain more waste.
  7. Cut Labor Costs
    With a trash compactor, you can eliminate a large portion of someone’s responsibilities, making your workplace more efficient and either cutting down on overtime hours or even trimming down staff as your dial in your workflows.
  8. Create Income
    If you are selling enough cardboard recycling back to the recycling companies, you can not only cover your hauling costs, but you can actually earn money doing it.
  9. Reduce Hazards
    Hazards are dangerous and can end up being costly if the wrong thing happens. Efficient cardboard recycling reduces risk by ensuring that there aren’t constantly big piles of boxes sitting around that could potentially start a fire.
  10. Improve Your Workplace Environment
    Proper waste management practices like cardboard recycling can be central to creating a clean and welcoming work environment that is bound to cut down on your turnover rates. Investing in your space can save you a lot of money on hiring and training in the long run.

When it comes to waste management, a small investment in something like a trash compactor to improve your cardboard recycling can show you big returns, and quickly. Not only are you bound to save face, money, and time, but your employees will be prouder of where they work, and more excited about being there. For more information on improving and upgrading the way you handle waste, call KenBay!

5 Easy Ways to Save Money by Upgrading Trash Compactor Bags

Trash Compactor BagsWhat’s the point of having a trash compactor if you can’t count on the bags you’re using in it? Don’t put up with unreliable trash compactor bags because you think you’ll save a little extra money by finding the cheapest deal out there. When you have something in your workspace that is breaking consistently, chances are you get it checked out and probably repaired. Why should trash compactor bags be any different? The benefit is that you don’t have to spend much time or money finding a better solution and more reliable trash compactor bags. Just do some research and talk to your provider about different options.

  1. Avoid Breaks
    When a trash compactor has worked hard to reduce the size of your trash by a ratio from six to one, a broken bag can be a real set back sending all your nicely confined and flattened trash back to where it came from. Don’t put up with this reversal in the proper waste management order. Upgrade your trash compactor bags and keep the flow going for a clean and efficient workspace.
  2. No Extra Cleanup
    Stopping in the middle of work to clean up an avoidable mess is a real pain, and decreases the work efficiency of your employees. There is no reason to waste their time and your money when you can simply invest in durable trash compactor bags.
  3. Appease Employees
    No one likes to clean up garbage, especially when using a trash compactor that is supposed to do that job for you. The slightest annoyance in someone’s work environment can be the cause of much strife and potentially lead to high turnover rates. Don’t let something so small and easy to fix disrupt the peace in your workplace.
  4. Fit More Trash
    The best trash compactor bags are both durable and pliable, able to stretch just the right amount of trash into their midst without busting open at the seams. If you haven’t found these perfect bags yet, keep looking because they’re out there! There’s absolutely no need to keep buying sub-par products when the real deal will make everyone’s life so much easier, and save you the labor costs of continually cleaning up after the mess they make.
  5. Buy in Bulk
    If you are able to buy in larger quantities than just one box at a time, you will undoubtedly save money. Most providers, like KenBay, are willing to sling a great deal for people who want to purchase large quantities, saving you actual money as well as labor expenses when you’re dealing with cheap products. KenBay sells a wide array of high-quality trash compactor bags at reasonable prices and are always willing to work out a great deal for customers.  Whether you’re looking for reprocessed polyethylene or 100% biodegradable bags, you can get them at KenBay.

No longer put up with the unnecessary challenges that come with subpar trash compactor bags. Make the small investment of time and money to ensure that switching out your trash compactor bags is an easy and painless experience every time.

How to Improve Safety and Efficiency With a Small Footprint Compactor

FootprintIs your workplace feeling hectic and sometimes even unsafe with things like trash piling up unnecessarily because of inefficient workflows? It happens, but don’t let the problems drag on without making the necessary changes to not only increase everyone’s efficiency but also ensure that you are fostering a safe and desirable work setting. One of the most cost-effective ways to improve safety and efficiency while decreasing your waste is to invest in a small footprint stainless steel trash compactor. A small footprint trash compactor is the surest way to improve the environment of your facility whether you’re in manufacturing, the food and ingredient industry, or dealing with hazardous waste or explosives. There’s no better way to ensure your workplace has airtight safety and operations than optimizing your space with a small footprint compactor.

Small Footprint?

The small footprint RotoPac by KenBay only needs a space of 4 by 5 feet to fit comfortably in your work space. While it takes up very little room, it actually increases your space for waste as it compacts everything from food waste to general manufacturing waste. When you optimize your waste management with a small footprint compactor, you will also significantly reduce your waste removal costs, as your trash is reduced at a ratio of six to one, compacting up to 300 pounds per hour.

High Efficiency

Not only does a small footprint compactor reduce the volume of your waste, but it can also significantly increases your workflow efficiency. When you invest in a compactor, take the time to consider where the disposal points in your workflow are, and how they are impacting the efficiency of everyone producing and disposing of waste. Are your waste cans in places that are inconvenient or unsafe for employees? Is an otherwise easily overlooked thing like waste really inhibiting your productivity? Most people don’t even realize it until they start considering new waste management methods to reduce costs, but find that they are also increasing productivity and safety as well. 

Nothing Safer

Waste cans can often be misused, leading to fire hazards or the potential for someone to get hurt by things getting in the way. Investing in a small footprint compactor is an easy and quick fix for any safety problems being caused by your current waste management practices. You will also decrease the number of times waste needs to be removed while motivating your employees to pay more attention to their waste practices by showing them you’re committed to making their space safe and clean.  

Don’t let your waste problems go without a solution. Not only are you wasting money, but you could be putting your business at legal or physical risk by neglecting waste management issues. Among many solutions is investing in a small footprint trash compactor for your workplace. If you’re interested in other waste management ideas contact KenBay for more information on how to improve your trash practices. Safety and cost are no small factors in operating a respectable and successful business. Take action before it’s too late!    

3 Easy Reasons to Invest in a Stainless Steel Trash Compactor

It can often take time to realize you have a trash problem. Chances are, you’re so busy running your manufacturing, food service, entertainment or other business to even give trash much of a thought until something starts to stink or you’re getting litter complaints from the neighbors. If you haven’t yet considered investing in a stainless steel trash compactor, it might be the time to do so. Commercial stainless steel trash compactors are amazing tools that will transform your physical space, as well as the way your employees do their work. While there is the initial investment to consider, you are sure to get a quick return on in!

  1. Increase Your Efficiency
    Stainless steel trash compactors are of the highest quality, meaning you won’t be having to buy a new one anytime soon. They are able to reduce six cubic feet of trash, into just one cubic foot, making your contribution to the landfill that much smaller. If you’ve been having a problem with rats or bugs because of your trash, you can rest assured that by having an efficient way to compact and store trash, those problems will disappear quickly. This will create a healthier work environment for you and your employees spurring them on to better work. Stainless steel trash compactors can also be strategically placed in a space to improve the overall workflow, helping everyone to get more done with less time spent on waste management.
  2. Lower Waste Costs
    With less volume, your hauling costs for waste will quickly decrease. Companies who use stainless steel trash compactors are typically saving 40 to 70 percent on their hauling costs and are able to reinvest those savings into things that will help grow their company. With an efficient way to manage waste, you are saving on the labor costs associated with whoever had to deal with it before. Employees are no longer having to leave the building as often to dispose of garbage, and there are fewer opportunities for people inside or outside the company to fill up your receptacles without your authorization.
  3. Increase Safety
    Trash can even be a safety hazard, whether it is blown about by the wind, too close to a heating element, or polluting the air you are breathing all day. A stainless steel trash compactor will not only help you keep all your trash in once place, reducing the space it consumes, but it will generally make everyone more intentional in their disposal practices. With an efficient way to manage waste that also improves the space they work in and the way they work, your employees are bound to take more ownership of how they are handling waste. This creates a safer environment for everyone, reducing fire hazards, the potential to trip over a stray piece of garbage, and having a generally more sanitary workplace.

If you are considering investing in a stainless steel trash compactor, KenBay has many different models depending on your industry and the kind of waste you produce. Whether it’s hazardous waste, food waste or just lots and lots of cardboard boxes, we are sure to have a solution for you. The benefits of stainless steel trash compactors are endless!