Lorillard – Case Study

Challenge: Destruction of cigarettes that are rejected by QA. Client needed complete destruction of cigarettes in cartons full of packs, packs and individual loose cigarettes so people would not scour dumpster/landfills trying to find and use cigarettes.
Solution: The RotoPacCrushPac was installed.
Result: Assured complete destruction of all cigarettes. Client is thrilled with the machine.

Purolator – Case Study

  • Challenge: Client had voluminous amount of paper products and improperly made filters.  The extra paper accumulation was so bad that it was blocking their distribution docks by constantly transporting dumpsters to be emptied.  They had 6 dumpsters throughout the plant that were being dumped 32 times per day.
  • Solution:  Now the RotoPac bags are removed 5 or 6 times per day.
  • Result: By reducing the forklift travel they reduced the maintenance on their fleet, picked up more plant floor space to use in production and calculated $52,000 annual savings in fork lift operator costs.