Weetabix – Case Study

Challenge: Very bulky trash filling up dumpsters. British cereal maker brings in grain in large Super sacks (polypropylene bags). The bags are only used once and then thrown away.
Solution: KenBay placed a RotoPac compactor.
Result: The client can compact 100 Super sacks into the standard 4’x4’x4’ 3ml plastic bag. Getting 100 bags compacted in a solitary KenBay compactor bag provides the client more space in their facility.

Southern Meats – Case Study

Challenge: To cost effectively dispose of Super Sacks that are no longer useable.
Solution: They are using the RotoPac for compacting unusable Super Sacks. An air filtration/collection system was installed to collect dust and other small particles escaping during the compacting process.
Result: The RotoPac bags, when compacted with up to 80 large Super Sacks, form a 4’ cube makes transporting them considerably less costly.