Wardcraft – Case Study

Challenge: Matrix left from the manufacturing of labels is sticky and needs to be compacted without sticking to machinery in the process. Reduce compacting and labor costs of disposing of sticky matrix left from producing labels.
Solution: The RotoPac with Teflon® coated drum was installed to compact matrix being blown into it from two label making machines.
Result: The client, a maker of pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) material for making labels, primarily for the pharmaceutical industry, was blowing the matrix material through plasma coated 12” pipes to a RotoPac.. The compacted materials produced about 750 lb bags of waste for disposal.

Old Trail Printing – Case Study

Challenge/Solution: Paper trim coming off a Muller-Martini saddle stitcher is compacted into KenBay bags weighing approximately 1,000 lbs. when filled.