Package your waste into highly compacted stackable 4’ cubes to minimize disposal costs.

Biodegradable Waste Compactor Bags

Whether going to a landfill in a dumpster, a recycling center or a WtE (waste to energy) facility in a truck/trailer it makes financial sense to package waste for minimum transport cost.

When placed into dumpsters, these 4’ cubes greatly reduce the number of pulls required. For transport to recycle or WtE facilities, trucks can hold up to 50 individual bags. That can be up to 20 tons per load.

Using the KenBay RotoPac industrial waste compactor your facility’s waste can be more effectively compacted (on average 6 times or greater) and packaged into polyethylene bags forming sealed 4’ cubes weighing on average 600 lbs.


Each 4’ cube can contain:

1. Up to 800 fifty pound bags used for shipping ingredients and grains kenbay rotopac

2. Approximately 90 Super Sacks

3. Trash for landfill in biodegradable bags

4. Hazardous waste in UN rated bags and boxes

5. Cardboard or plastic wrap for recycling

6. PSA and trim continuously input from pneumatic sources

7. Waste materials produced in an explosive environment

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