styrofoam compactor

SC 2000 & 3000 Screw Compactors

The SC 2000 and SC 3000 Screw Compactors provide different continuous throughput rates and are generally configured for de-packaging/de-watering or for foam densifying.  These screw compactors can be an integral part of a system that will make your facility landfill free. The SC 2000/3000 is a low maintenance heavy-duty piece of equipment capable of handling large throughputs of material while still maintaining a high compaction rate continuously throughout the operation.

 De-packaging/De-watering Configuration

When configured for product destruction and/or de-packaging/dewatering waste these Screw Compactors can either be:

  • Loaded manually
  • As a conveyor fed standalone
  • Incorporated into a standard or stainless steel system.

The output from them is ready for delivery to a Waste-To-Energy (WTE) facility having extracted whatever liquids they contain. The Screw Compactors perform well for de-packaging:

  • milk
  • yogurt
  • soft drinks
  • BBQ Sauces and ketchups
  • ice cream
  • liquid soaps and detergents
  • and much more

With a high volume of PET , an optional perforator will pop all the bottles before they enter the compaction chamber.
The screen area allows for maximum liquid flow.  This helps achieve 99% liquid removal in a liquid destruction application.

With compacted PET, the SC 2000 & SC 3000 will put 600-800 lbs. of plastic into a box or tube as pictured here.  This allows you to put full weight on trucks going to a WTE.

compacted bottles

Densifying Foams Configuration

For densifying foams, when used with a pre-crusher, the:

  • Model SC 2000 can process 150-250 lbs. and hour
  • Model SC 3000 can process 450-600 lbs. and hour

They compact volume reductions of up to 40:1.

These machines will turn the following into a revenue stream:

  • EPS Polystyrene Fish Boxes and Packaging
  • EPS Dust
  • Polypropylene Packaging and Insulation Foam
  • Polypropylene (EPP) Packaging

compacted styrofoam

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