• Challenge:  Two production lines produced a voluminous amount of waste, clogging their facilities.  One line was generating 6 gaylords of shrink-wrap per day. Maintenance workers were spending too much time carting and removing the waste.  The other line required the collection and compaction of aluminum.
  • Solution: A standard rotary arm RotoPac was placed at the end of each line.

Alexandra Food:

  • Challenge: Disposing of the waste cardboard and plastic shipping and packing materials associated with the production of products placed an undue burden upon them.
  • Solution: Their founder resolved their company’s problems by ordering the KenBay RotoPac, the leading industrial arm compactor, on Nov. 25th.
  • Result: By the 27th, the RotoPac was up and running, compacting 5 full bags of waste on the same day. He said: “For our application this machine is just excellent. We’ve been in business for almost 20 years and I have been looking for hand’s-off compactor like this for at least 5 years.”