solid industrial waste removal.

Faced with a multiplicity of waste removal challenges, Boeing reduces labor involvement and overhead costs in the purchase of trash handling equipment by 70%. Read more.

solid industrial waste removal

Greatly reducing the daily trips to remove burdensome cardboard, Hoshizaki annually recoups more than 50% of initial cost of RotoPacâ„¢ compactor. Read more.

solid industrial waste removal

Finding a solution for waste removal from the Purolator factory floor frees space, improves workflow, reduces forklift travel and maintenance, results in ROI of less than one year. Read more.

solid industrial waste removal

Saving money on trash hauling costs while saving staff hours on waste disposal operations also reduces forklift traffic, a safety concern. Read more.

cubic yard box

See how a West Coast Aircraft Service Facility client enjoyed $126,500 in annual savings with a KenBay RotoPac and Cubic Yard Boxes. Read more.

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