Whether you’re looking for a commercial garbage compactor for an oil rig, one that’s designed to the rigid specifications of the food industry, or a compactor that can withstand hazardous materials or explosives KenBay has a product that can do the job. To learn more about our industry specific industrial trash compactor models simply read the case studies in the links below.

Landfill Waste from Various Stations and Sources

Landfill Waste

This is typically trash that is accumulated from various stations and sources throughout a facility. Compacting trash inside your facility with a RotoPac reduces the cost to removing it to a container outside where the hauler can collect it.

Landfill Waste Case Studies

Waste from Edge Trim & Label Matrix Systems

Edge Trim

Waste from these systems varies from paper and plastic that can be recycled to pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) that is landfill trash. All such trim can be blown into a RotoPac achieving high compaction and reduces costs.

Edge Trim and Label Matrix Case Studies

50 lb Sacks from Packaging of Grains and Baking Ingredients

Ingredient Factory Waste Compactor

These come from packaging of grains and baking ingredients. When up to 800 sacks are compacted into RotoPac bags as one empties them considerable labor costs are saved.

50 lb Sack Case Studies



For maximum labor savings cardboard boxes are placed into a RotoPac by production workers as they unpack components in the production line.

Cardboard Waste Case Studies

Plastic Wrap

Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap and even large strips of plastic, such as from paint shops, can be compacted and bagged using a RotoPac compactor as they are discarded from the shop floor.

Plastic Wrap Case Studies

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous Waste Compactor

The RotoPac is especially cost effective in compacting hazardous waste into either UN rated bags or boxes.

Read Hazardous Waste Case Studies

Waste Produced in Explosive Environment

Explosive Environment

Paint and Pharmaceutical shops are environments present with combustible dust that produce considerable trash yet have limited space for compacting it. A specially designed RotoPac is ideal for such environments.

Waste from Explosive Environment Case Studies

Waste Produced in Food Processing Environment

Food Processing Plant

Stainless Steel RotoPac compactors are used extensively where it is cost effective to compact waste where food is being produced. Their wash down capabilities are FDA requirements as are the food processing equipment.

Waste from Food Processing Enviornment Case Studies

Waste to Energy (WtE)

Waste to Energy

The RotoPac greatly compacts trash into 4’ cube size plastic bags making the cost effective for transporting them to considerable distance to the nearest WtE facilities.

Waste to Energy Case Studies

Destruction of Rejected Products

Rejected Products

The RotoPac is being conveniently used as a crusher of rejected components.

Waste from Rejected Products Case Studies

Non-Renewable Super Sacks

Non Renewable Super Sack


When super sacks and bulk bags are not usable they present a disposal problem. The RotoPac is a cost effective solution.

Non-Reusable Super Sacks Case Studies